The Cold and Lovely plays in San Francisco

20140208_233226The Cold and Lovely came out of their southern California stomping grounds, to play in the San Francisco, Mission district at El Rio this Saturday. In a elongated room,the all female group took to the stage around 11pm to play for under an hour with around 60 people in attendance for their set in particular.

Upon taking the stage the band said a quick hello and started by playing Doll, off their latest EP Ellis Bell.  The transition from album to a live performance was incredibly well done. Pleasantly surprising was the power & energy that spilled out of a live performance. Each track had a sense of more intensity than I experienced, from listening to the band’s 2 releases.


For those familiar with Nicole’s bass playing style, they would have seen her playing passionately and in the moment. While Meg sang with great energy and an attacking guitar style at times. Keyboardist Jennifer Goodridge played with great concentration as she pounded away on every key, and her backing vocals, as with Nicole’s, matched very well with Meg’s singing. Playing drums was Erin Tidwell who kept pounding the drums all night long with nothing short of pure unadulterated power.

When Not With Me (the band’s lead single from their self titled album) was played the crowd responded with a great sense of excitement. The audience excitement seemed to fill the room with energy of a crowd 3 times its size.

Closer to the end of their set they played a very fun upbeat cover of The Cure’s classic, Lullaby which was wildly embraced by those in attendance. Followed by the closing two songs Paper & Gun, and Ellis Bell which were very much loved by the crowd.

20140208_235602Some interesting side notes, during Doll the computer they were using had slipped off leading to Meg chatting a little to the audience. Sadly the technical difficulty lead to shorter set time due to time constructionist set by El Rio. Two songs on the setlist were not played, Mad Mans Dream & a new unrecorded song titled Radio.

Overall for anyone who has the chance to see The Cold and Lovely, I would highly recommend you check them out. Tickets are usually very inexpensive & they do put on an excellent show.  They will be playing several shows while in the Texas area for SXSW. As well as a show in March with Mike Byrne band, Bearcubbin’.

Check out some footage we took. More footage here.