Flashback Friday: Smashing Pumpkins’ live stage guest


Over the Smashing Pumpkins 25 year career the band has played over 1200 shows. On rare occasion the band would have special guest join them on stage for a song or two. Those special guest include,  Uli Jon Roth,, Chris IsaakThe FrogsMarilyn Mason & Twigy, Eddie VedderJosh Groban, Linda Strawberry, and her family, John Popper, Simon Le BonRichard Patrick Kerry Brown, The Vines, George LynchJulia PierceRick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. They even had one fan come on stage in the Vieuphoria that sang improv. Then their are uninvited guests that come on stage

Billy has had some family members get in on the act as well, his niece Ava Corgan, his brother Jesse and his father William Corgan Sr.

In addition past touring members returned as guest with the band, such as Ginger taking the stage to play bass one more time for the band at the 2010 Record Store Day show. As did Matt Walker during the Metro show on Dec 2nd 2000.

Over the years Billy has joined on stage with a number of artist such as Depeche ModeDavid Bowie and many more.

If you can think of anyone we may have missed whose played on stage with the Pumpkins go ahead and contact us and we’ll add them to this article.