Flashback Friday: Billy Corgan w/ New Order


After the Smashing Pumpkins departed ways temporarily in 2000, and before Zwan, Billy recorded vocals for the New Order track “Turn My Way”, which was on their upcoming album “Get Ready”. He also played a couple of live shows with them as well. Billboard.com called it a “part-time summer job” for Corgan, seeing that he was only going to play for a few  shows.


In a 2012 interview with CoS, Billy explained that New Order had called him to ask for his help during some summer shows, saying “Bernard [Sumner, lead singer, New Order] called me at home and said we’d like you to be a guest on the new album [Get Ready]. So, I flew over to England; I spent a week with them. And in the midst of being there, they mentioned they were going to do some tour dates and would I like to come on tour with them. And I was, do you mean, like in the band? And they’re like, “Yeah.” So, it was pretty wild. One of the greatest musical experiences I ever had.”

On the subject of what he learned from playing with New Order, Corgan told the Edmonton Journal in 2012 that “I learned so much about music, just by watching them. I’d always assumed they’d be super pretentious. Not. The complete opposite. They’re total rock ‘n’ roll rebels. It’s a shame now that Hooky’s (bassist Peter Hook) not playing with them. Believe me, I’m one to talk about internal band politics. Watching them work, they’re just naturally rebellious — but in the right way. They take it out on the music and it’s always based in excitement.”

Turn My Way Live in LA: