20 questions with Sierra Swan


Sierra Swan will be releasing her new album “Good Soldier”, this February. The album was produced by Billy Corgan.

In order to make the album, as an independent artist she reached out to music lovers on Pledge Music to be able to fund the new album.

We had the chance to ask Sierra 20 questions via email, and wish to share with you what we have learned about Sierra Swan, her journey in writing this new album and some fun personal information about herself.


CF: Do you plan to play any live shows to support the new album?

SS: I would love to but unfortunately in takes quite a bit of money to even do a small tour. If I do it, it would be because there is a demand for it. I am funding everything myself so it is quite a challenge to pull a tour off.

CF: Your pledge drive reached 130% of its goal with 316 pledges. Do you think doing a pledge drive again for another album?

SS: I’m not sure, as great as it was, I don’t know if people realize how much work goes into this. We will see.

CF: I understand your family is expanding, have you written any songs for your children, or those to come?

SS: There is a song on ‘Good Soldier’ called LITTLE SHOES, which is about my son but I haven’t gotten around to writing about the next little one. She is still cooking so we will have to see what she inspires when she joins the world.

BC_HelpCF: In just 1 word how would you describe working on this album with Billy Corgan?

SS: Supportive

CF: It took longer than you might have expected to finish the album, why was that?

SS: I am not in control of other people’s schedules, so as great as it would’ve been to finish on time that just wasn’t what happened. With any creative project there are set backs and unexpected things that come up. Also, the holidays really slow things down immensely.

CF: Who kept you going through the album process?

SS: Me and God

Sierra and her father Billy Swan
Sierra and her father Billy Swan

CF: Your father Billy Swan biggest hit is “I Can Help“. Have you ever thought about covering this song?

SS: A lot of people ask me that and I used to say NO, but the older I get the more I understand it is a part of his legacy. He is still alive and well but it is how people know him, and I maybe one day I will:) I’m super proud of my father and everything he has accomplished.

CF: What is your favorite song from your fathers catalog?

SS: Without a doubt a song called ‘Number One‘ that he wrote with my mother Marlu Swan.

CF: What is your favorite track from the new album?

SS: It changes a lot but I would say ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ which at first I recorded super different then what it sounds like now. Billy saved the song really. He listened to it and was like “This needs an old guitar and need to be slowed down” and he was absolutely right.

CF: What instrument do you wish you were better at playing?

SS: Probably piano

CF: What is your favorite Smashing Pumpkin song?

SS: You know what it changed a month ago, it really is Ava Adore.

CF: If you could of had the chance to play live with anyone, who has passed away, who would you want to play with?

SS: I would love to sing with Freddy Mercury. THAT would be victory.

CF: What was the last song you wrote for the album?

SS: Mother Nature, that song came out of nowhere. It was crazy.

CF: What brings happiness to you personally?

SS: Cuddling with my kid is pretty epic.

BC_SwanCF: How did you meet Billy Corgan?

SS: I met Billy at Linda Perry’s studio. She was working on Courtney Love’s record and he came to visit and I happen to be there. We spoke briefly and then spoke more at a party at Linda’s studio. We connected pretty quickly and he has always felt like family to me. It’s odd, but I love him so much and would do anything for the man. He is a wonderful friend.

These last 5 are just EXTRA RANDOM and kind of funny

CF: What color is your toothpaste?

SS: Well I believe my toothpaste is white.

CF: If you could change 1 physical thing about you (height, hair length, etc.) right now what would you change?

SS: It would be cool for me to say nothing but fuck it, I would love perfect skin. I am in love with face creams.

CF: What was your favorite kid show growing up?

SS: Reading Rainbow

CF: If you were able to have a super power (x-ray vision, able to fly, talk with the animals, etc) what would you like to have?

SS: TO FLY!!!!

young Sierra Swan
young Sierra Swan

CF: If you were able to go and visit your 15 year old self, what advice would you give?

SS: Shut up and just be nice to everyone, including herself.

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