Blank Page March 2014

March 31st:

David Wild to talk to Billy tonight (possibly for the Adore reissue notes)

BC at zuzu’s

Video from Billy Crogan Sunday with Rumi

March 30th:

Billy at Rumi another (pics w/ fans 1, 2, 3)

March 28th:

Chicago Tribune defends Billy’s ‘Siddhartha’ performance

March 26th:

James Iha turns 46

AMC reportedly working on Resistance Pro reality show

Jimmy to play with Local H front man on May 2nd in Chicago

Billy talks w/ RPRO musical director Sheri Shaw

March 25th:

TC&L reveal a new website design today

March 24th:

Nicole invites you to follow her on Instagram.

March 21st

Jeff in a wig at RPRO / another pic of Jeff / even more

The Ivory Tower will return to Zuzu’s tomorrow evening

More video of Billy doing Musique Concrète

Billy to be at Resistance Pro even tonight

Billy shares link about electronic music pioneer

March 20th:

Another pic of BC @ Joseph

Billy is spotted at Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

March 19th:

TC&L to return to SF

Billy talks about real goal behind ZuZu’s

Best wishes to Joe Shanahan, owner of the Metro in Chicago who has been diagnosed with cancer

Video of Billy doing Musique Concrète

March 18th:

t-shirt by James Iha & Kenzo Kenzo 1, t-shirt 2

Billy thanks those who wished him a happy birthday

Billy shares a movie he recently watched.

March 17th:

JC wishes Billy a happy birthday

a post BC enjoyed


MCIS deluxe reissue is on a special sale today

March 15th:

Billy’s favorite Spinal Tap moment

March 13th:

Billy is working with his synth.

Nicole & Mike hang out at SXSW

Billy’s currently reading / currently listening to

March 11th:

James Iha writes score for Hulu original “Deadbeat”

Jimmy talked at a private group event in Chicago (pic) / another recent JC pic

Nicole talks about meeting KISS, Gene Simmons

March 10th:

New video of an interview with Billy from 2000

Billy’s teashop gets mention in Rock Atlas USA

March 8th:

Billy talks about his work with CNN “Chicagoland”

Nicole and a big poster

Billy’s friend Art Shay has a NY art exhibit which includes 2010 a picture of Billy

Billy gives kudos to our Cover of the Week

March 6th:

Get sage from Billy’s garden at zuzu’s

TC&L show on 3/12 gets a later start time

March 4th:

Hear Nicoles back up vocals with Tyson Meade & JC on drums

March 2nd:

Billy drops by PAWS Chicago adoption event

Billy thanks fans and support for his event at Zuzu’s

Listen to the new Bearcubbin’! new album

March 1st:

TC&L Repetition video Live at Studio Delux

TC&L SXSW schedule .