Blank Page January 2014

Jan 31st:

Bearcubbin’ to have a CD release party in Portland | new additional tour dates

Billy shares a movie recommendation on FB,

Jan 29th:

Their was talk to do commentary to the Pulse Basement section of the PI Deluxe DVD

Garbage bumps into James

Billy shares another book he’s reading


Jan 27th:

TC&L return to the Viper Room Feb 6th

Mike at NAMM 2014

Mary Star of the Sea turns 11

Jan 26th: 

DJ Dropkick working with DJ Ivory Tower

Jan 25th:

Billy 1st Facebook post reveals a recent bio he read

Nicole shares video from last nite NAMM Jam

Jeff meets up with fans in Korea (pic 1, pic 2, autograph items)

Jan 23rd:

TC&L are asking you to vote for them, in exchange for a chance to win a private concert

TC&L will be play at the 2013 Reverend NAMM Jam, 7pm on Friday (more info)

Jimmy Chamberlin will perform with Frank Catalano in Feb, April & June in the Chicago area

Jan 22nd:

Incredible full show footage from Smashing Pumpkins 1994-04-27

1979 released 18 years ago

Jan 20th:

HBO’s “Girls” had a few references to SP 

Nicole posts that she is still selling some of her old gear (2, 3)

Jan 18th:

Make sure to be at Zuzu’s early in order to listen to DJ Billy (The Ivory Tower) tonight.

Jan 17th:

Mike’s band, Bearcubbin’ to play at Treefort Fest

Billy considers becoming the Cubs mascot, rather then continue writing new music.

Jan 16th:

More info on what Billy was filming at Zuzu’s yesterday

Jan 15th:

TC&L are going play in SF

Billy is pleased with the mastering of Sierra Swan’s new album.

Billy to be filmed at Zuzu’s today

Find out what Billy has been reading recently

Jan 14th:

Billy shows support for new Cubs mascot, Clark

Jan 12th: 

Billy will return to DJ duties at Zuzu’s Saturday Night

Mike with other band, Bearcubbin’, will also be at SXSW

Nicole with a ‘Superfan’ of TC&L

Jan 11th:

Nicole shares pictures from TC&L live session for Studio Delux Sessions

Jan 10th:

Smashing Pumpkins are offering follows on twitter

Jan 8th:

Rolling Stone readers rank MCIS as the 10th best double album of all time

Jan 7th:

TC&L considering touring in South America & Mexico

TC&L post an Ellis Bell video teaser

Smashing Pumpkins Facebook account post an article about Art Shay and his wife Florence

Billy tweets happy birthday to wrestler Marshe Rockett

Jan 4th:

Billy wishes Jim Ross a happy birthday on twitter.

Video of Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano at Martyrs Chicago

Jan 2nd:

Breaking Benjamin hopes to work with Billy Corgan again someday.