Blank Page April 2014

April 30th:

Elliot from RingoDeathstarr plays drums with SP

April 28th:

Billy’s childhood home, sold. (BC comments)

April 26th:

BC comments on our current Cover of the Week.

April 25th:

Jeff is getting a special module

April 24th:

BC w/ Finnigan from 101.9 The Mix

Billy is doing a private DJ event at Zuzu’s tonight for PAWS chicago

April 23rd:

BC appears in Chicagoland episode tomorrow April 24th 10pm EST

18 years of a ZERO single

Nicole & Meghan talk about TC&L

April 22nd:

BC is reportedly giving pep talks

Billy to be interview by Finnigan from 101.9 The Mix Chicago (w/ video)

April 21st:

BC with an Easter Greeting poster

April 17th:

TC&L coming to NY in mid-June

April 16th:

James Iha talks about working on music for “Deadbeat”

April 15th:

18 years of Tonight, Tonight

Sample some of Jimmy’s drumming from the new Tyson Meade album

April 14th:

Sierra Swan got to hear some new Pumpkins music today

Chief Creative Officer for BMG comments on the Pumpkins new record deal.

TC&L to release deluxe edition of their latest album, tour the East Coast this summer & run pledge drive for new album.

April 11th:

An announcement of the ’89 MOON cassette. (info on MOON)

Wanna work for Billy Corgan?

TC&L to have “big news” next week

Billy shares “cool vignette on electronic pioneer Wendy Carlos” video.

April 9th:

TC&L acoustic performance.

April 7th:

Nicole has a birthday

April 2nd:

Billy says he is enjoying writing updates

April 1st:

Yellowcards cover of Today