Black Page May 2014

May 30th:

Tickets to see Billy receive the Vanguard award from Alt Press are available

Adore turns 16!

May 28th:

Gish turns 23

Bjorn Thorsrud latest project

May 27th:

Drinking tea with Billy with Tommy and Sharellemusic

May 26th:

Tommy is working on SP drums

Pic of BC “getting in the zone”

SP music to be on new video game

May 25th:

Correction, 3rd pressing of AEGEA to be on “pale violet vinyl”

May 23rd:

500 copies for 3rd pressing of AEGEA to be on “pale violent vinyl” (sic)

May 22nd:

Billy says he bought James Iha this guitar as a gift

Article of Billy in PAWS Magazine

Sierra Swan new music video posted on SPN

May 21st:

Billy Corgan is on the cover of PAWS CHICAGO magazine summer 2014 

May 20th:

Billy calls WGN reporter Ana Belaval “priceless”

May 19th:

BC with a fan at RPRO show

The Pumpkins are looking for translators of all languages for SPN

Billy writes about thoughts on RPRO deal and its tie to SP

May 18th:

BC and JS at the Blackhawks game

May 16th:

Ticketmaster tags TC&L NJ show as “featuring members of Smashing Pumpkins”

May 15th:

BC thanks Guy Fieri for a great dinner in Vegas

BC continues his “feud” with Lou DAngeli

May 14th:

BC gives OK to flick to use Honeyspider

“family” picture of Billy with Etty Lau Farrell 

James Iha w/ Takahashi BluRay released

SP Facebook breaks 4 million mark

May 13th:

Beautiful Noise (w/ Billy Corgan) is finally premiering May 31st.

Billy posts about opening for Jane’s Addiction

Billy and and Tommy

Pic of Jimmy watches drummers

May 9th:

Billy and Tommy Lee went to watch Jane’s Addition in Vegas last night 

Nicole seems to acknowledge that Mike is no longer with SP

May 7th:

Asian Chairshot mention how they meet Jeff and having him produce their new CD 

May 6th:

Pic of BC with Sierra Swan LP

May 5th:

Billy Corgan pic with a bitcoin 

Billy Corgan and Resistance Pro owners to receive “2014 Jesse White Award”  on June 18th

Listen to the score Jimmy has been working on

TC&L starts a new Pledge Drive for new album and deluxe EP

May 3rd:

More news on what Jimmy is up to

Behind the scenes footage of Billy talk to Rodrick Markus about tea

May 2nd:

Watch TC&L recent interview with LA Music Blog

What Jimmy has been up to

May 1st:

Happy Birthday D’arcy