TIS_CCAbout 3 months ago, Act IV began collaborating with and others in the community to bring the fans another special contest. The response was overwhelming, with fans from around the world contributing an astonishing 94 covers of MCIS and TAFH era songs. After much debate and meticulous analysis of voting, we recently started announcing the winners and runners up for the contest. In case you have not heard through social media or message boards, here are the winners for the Smashing Pumpkins Infinite Sadness Contest!:

Best Cover Song (As Chosen By Selection Committee):
1)Winner: “Stumbleine” by Elephant Drive By (recepient of the Mellon Collie Deluxe Edition)

2)Runner Up: “Galapogos” by Ferro Montanino

Fan Favorite Cover (As Chosen By The Fans):
1)Winner: “Tonight, Tonight” by J.E.L.L.i. (receipient of the TAFH Deluxe Edition)

2)Runner Up: “Where Boys Fear To Tread” by Alaskandar & Prisoners Of The

Best New Interpretation (As Chosen By BILLY CORGAN):
1)Winner: “Zero” by Midnite Tiger (recipient of the TAFH Vinyl)

2)Runner Up: “Cupid de Locke” by Amir London

All the main contest winners and runner ups will also receive:
1) A spot on the Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness digital EP
2) A copy of the Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies charity CD, as well as both the Ghost Children/Machines of God + Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness digital EPs

In addition to the main cover song contest, we also held an artwork contest for Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness. We would like to congratulate Ricardo Magalhães, who won in a tight race with his art inspired by Mellon Collie and TAFH! Ricardo wins copies of both digital EPs: Ghost Children/Machines of God + Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness!

Soon, you get the opportunity to download the new Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness digital EP, featuring all the contest winners. It will be sold under a ‘pay what you can’ model, with any proceeds to be donated to Make-A-Wish, you can donate $5, nothing, or anything else you would like. You’ll also be able to get it by buying a Ghost Children 2 pack, including that CD and both digital EPs for $7. That’s 26 tracks for the prices of 13! Again, all profits will go to Make-A-Wish.

Act IV (David and Steven Pukin) would like to give a special thanks to our fellow selection committee members/partners, Jonathan Monte (, Aaron Grant (, Simon Mateljan (Ozphoria), Geo Folkers (SPfreaks), Milan de Jong (, Neil Main (Ghost Children creator), Nicolas Levy of Ask the Dust (formerly of GC2 alumni, Defined Mercury), John Nels from Forget, Forget (formerly GC2 alum, Death Rawk Boy), João Miguel of The Twelves (Alum of both Ghost Children cds), Autumn Proemm + Chris Punsalan (Formely GC2 alumni, The iOs), Sebastian Boschert (former SP fan webmaster), Cheryl Knott (Former Moderator), Jyn Radakovits of Nameless Entity Media, and Greg Corner of Act IV 2001 headliner, Kill Hannah/JBTV/Dark Wave Disco.

Special thanks also goes to Billy Corgan for being a guest judge again this year, as well the Pumpkins and their management for their continued support. Thank you also to all the fans that submitted, voted, and helped make this happen. A special shout out to contestant entrants, Rotting Apples, who encouraged us to go forward with the contest and Rotten Automata, for helping troubleshoot issues with the voting system.

For more information about the contest and listen to all 94 of this year’s entries, please visit If you wish to know more about the Ghost Children 2 charity compilation and all things Act IV, please visit the Act IV website.