Flashback Friday: Pumpkins on twitter

Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svgIf you have a twitter account, you may be following some or all of the Smashing Pumpkins twitter accounts, band members, past members, and even side projects accounts. But do you recall what  their 1st tweet was? Well let’s flashback and see how it all started:

SmashingPumpkin: Welcome to the first official Smashing Pumpkins twitter!

Billy: God is great

Nicole: grudgingly signing up for twitter. mama’s gotta get with the times. Nicole would tweet 9 months later “…i’m thrilled to be playing with the smashing pumpkins! xoxo”

Mike: I finally caved and got a twitter.

James_Iha: Hey Rockers! @aperfectcircle is going back on tour this summer in the States & Canada – should be fun in the sun. Dates @ aperfectcircle.com

Ginger Pooley: My song The Hard Road will be on Jersey Shore this Thursday. Find Ginger Sling on iTunes!

Melissa Auf der Maur: i hereby launch MAdM 2.0 x the cyber draw bridge is down. assembling supplies for a music and filmic exchange at toronto’s NXNE festival xmx

Lisa Harriton: Tweedlee dee tweedlee dum! Is this thing on????

The Complex: Constellations killing it tonight in Nashville !!

Resistance Pro: Are you ready for the Resistance?

The Cold and Lovely: the good news is that our record is almost done. follow us for details.

Madame Zuzu’s: Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year from ZuZu’s.

Skysaw: We’ve signed with @Dangerbird Records and will be releasing “Great Civilizations” in May

Pumpkins Ebay: ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT ON BILLY CORGAN’S 1998 Taylor Acoustic Guitar. Used on Adore/Machina/Zwan Albums and Tours http://tiny.cc/WHc5h

Smashing Pumpkins Record Club: http://youtu.be/joZnVNEeBlA

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