Flashback Friday: Take Me Down

James_IhaThe last song on Dawn to Dusk (the 1st disc of Mellon Collie) is a song written by James Iha track called “Take Me Down”.

The track was played live 20+ times during the Infinite Sadness tour.

Billy wrote about the track in the Mellon Collie deluxe reissue that “…James had express intrest in singing his own songs rather than to just contribute to ideas… There was a real enthusiasm and support around him… as long as what he brought to the band was strong ‘Take Me Down’ was a tune I personally felt worth of inclusion from the start…. When we finished the album I sequenced it towards the end of record #1, because thematically it fit in nowhere I could find; although sonically its drowsiness had echoes elsewhere. James saw the demotion of his favored song to the back of the line as an unforgivable slight, killing his desire to contribute to the band as a writer of note from that moment on.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww6WJKBz4w0]