Over 90 covers submitted for the Infinite Sadness cover contest

TIS_CCSubmission for the Infinite Sadness contest are now closed. Due to the large number of entries, voting will start November 23rd.Listen to all the entries here. For more details rad ACT IV full press release below:


Over a month and a half ago, Act IV began collaborating with Crestfallen.comBlamo.org/SivaOzphoriaSPfreaksStarla.org and others in the community to bring the fans another special contest. And the response from fans so far has been overwhelming, culiminating in an unprecedented 94 covers of MCIS and TAFH era songs. That is over 3x times the amount of submissions that we got for the previous contest! Perhaps it is only appropriate for one of SP’s most prolific and successful eras thus far.

What’s next? The fans will be asked to select their favorite track for the ‘Fan Favorite Cover’. Due to the sheer volume of entries, fans will be given until November 23, 2013 to listen to tracks before voting commences. Meanwhile, a selection committee compromised of representatives from the previously mentioned sites and other members of the SP fan community, including artists and staff from Act IV/Ghost Children past and present, will be tasked with selecting the ‘Best Cover Song’.

The selection committee will also be narrowing down the ‘Best New Interpretation’ category to a top 5 for special guest judge and SP Frontman, BILLY CORGAN, who will choose the winner for that category! Voting will end on December 7 with winners to be announced on or before December 13, 2013.

In addition to winning some great SP-related merch, the winners of the contest will earn a spot on Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness, a digital EP that will be sold under a ‘pay what you can’ model, with any proceeds to be donated to Make-A-Wish. You will also be able to get it by purchasing Ghost Children 2. 6 spots are up for grabs, including the ‘Best Cover Song’,‘Fan Favorite Cover’, ‘Best New Interpretation’ and the first runner-ups in each category!

The winners of the ‘Best Cover Song’, ‘Fan Favorite Cover’, and ‘Best New Interpretation’ selections will receive:

1) SP-Related Merch (See Announcement Here)
2) A spot on the Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness digital EP
3) A copy of the Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies charity CD, as well as both the Ghost Children/Machines of God + Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness digital EPs

In addition to the cover song contest, Act IV still accepting submissions for artwork for the Ghost Children And The Infinite Sadness digital EP. Please contact Act IV or visit the Act IV site for more details and specs if you’re interested. But the winning artwork entry will receive digital copies of both the EP they are designing artwork for and the Ghost Children/Machines of God EP. You have until December 1, 2013 to submit artwork.

All contest entrants are invited to reach out to our sponsors/supporters where applicable to explore the possibilities of being interviewed or played on air like Nameless Entity Media. We also are exploring the possibility of doing podcasts with the contest winners, so let us know if you’re interested. We also welcome other members of the SP community and beyond to cover the contest and its contestants…just let us know what you need!

Act IV and Crestfallen.com would like to thank our previously announced partners, as well as our other supporters including Ghost Children creator, Neil Main, and representatives from Ask the DustForget, ForgetNameless Entity MediaKill Hannah and JBTV among others.

For more information about the contest, listen, and vote for your favorite entry, please visit Crestfallen.com. If you wish to know more about the Ghost Children 2 charity compilation and all things Act IV, please visit the Act IV website.