Billy Corgan plays part of a NEW song “Freedom Rider” on WGN

billy_wgn_2013Billy recently visited played WGN Radio. At the start of the interview he talked mostly about wrestling (see audio below).

In the next segment of the interview Cheap Trick’s Rick Nelsen joined the conversation and they talked about the recent concert where Billy caught a record Rick had thrown out to the audience from the stage.

BC_WGNAdditionally he talked about how he grew up and his family discouraged his ambition to become a musician.

After a break Billy talked about the behind the sense things back in the 90’s. Plus some of the good and negatives issues that occurs when people recognize him.

At the end Corgan talks Cubs baseball followed by playing an improve Cubs song he called “Cubs lament” followed by playing a new track that he doesn’t consider that great of a song, but are fun to write; which fans have titled as “Freedom Rider”.  Billy had played the song at a recently at Zuzu’s 1 year anniversary celebration.