New “OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC” audio tracks that include interviews from Billy Corgan released


MX2 Media released a new interview with Billy Corgan, mixed with audio from the Smashing Pumpkins: OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC. It showed up on WXRT today.

The audio covers Quasar, The Celestials, The Chimera, Disarm, Cherub Rock, Space Oddity, Tonight Tonight, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, and Zero.

In Segment 1, Billy discusses Quasar and quickly mentions the album Oceania and the space they were in while writing the track. He also makes sure to mention that the song has a call out to Mark Tullin in the lyrics. In  the 2nd segment, Billy remembers Siamese Dream and where the band was at that time, trying to make a break through album.

On the last segment, Billy talks about the Mellon Collie era, he said “What strikes me about the Mellon Collie period, when I see the original band intact is that we were really firing on all cylinders…. As time has gone on I just think that band lasted as long as it could have lasted and probably lasted one day too long… Luckily their is a vast musical history there that I went out of my way to document and I was telling a friend of mine the other day that I felt this incredible scene of urgency… particularly because of Jimmy’s’ condition, that the band could end at any point. So I was really trying to crack out as much music as I could because I thought one day I am going regret not having this documented because it could end…”

Listen to the segments below:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4: