Fans to celebrate 25th anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins at Madame ZuZu’s

zuzu_fan_celA Fan Tribute Show  is scheduled for Oct 5th. to commemorate the 1st time the Smashing Pumpkins took stage to play at the Metro, 25 years ago. It will be held at Billy Corgan’s teahouse in Highland Park, IL. and will start at noon and go till closing time.


Can’t go? That’s OK, because their will be a  live web-stream starting at 5:30pm CST, via YouTube.

Crestfallen will have our friend Audrey in attendance and will be helping us update our live blog on Saturday.

The event will have a number of fans performing, an exhibit of rare Smashing Pumpkins memorability will also be on display, along with trivia and poetry readings.

The $64k question of if Billy Corgan show up is currently unknown and some fans are speculate it is unlikely. He is however aware of the event.