The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Live in NYC is now available

olinyc_naIt took sometime for this project to make it to market but it is finally here. The release was originally said to be available in late June, then got pushed to “late August“, officially announced to be released on September 3rd and then finally pushed back to be released today.

(UPDATE: Unless you live in Canada, where now says Sept 30th -thnx Michael for the tip)

One version though has yet to make it to market and that would be the digital long form.

Haven’t order your copy yet? Here are some links to the many different varieties available.

1.    Standard Amaray DVD – OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC – full show and bonus interviews:
2.    Standard 3D Blu-ray – OCEANIA: 3D IN NYC – 3D & 2D on one disc, with 24-   bit/96kHz audiophile audio:

3.    Deluxe 2CD+DVD – OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC – DVD plus 2xCDs of all tracks in the show:

If you are looking to save as much money as you can in this economy these are the cheapest prices we found verse the prices on Amazon today

The Deluxe DVD/2CD for $3.37 less at KMART / SEARS (online only)

The Blu-ray for $1.89 less at KMART / SEARS (online only)

The standard DVD is $2.49 less at KMART / SEARS (online only)

The standard DVD is $4.10 less at Walmart (free store pick up available)

The standard DVD is $1.99 less at Best Buy (free store pick up available)

If you know of a cheaper price, feel free to contact us with the information.