Billy Corgan talks with about producing Sierra Swan’s new album: Part 1

On Sunday evening, Billy Corgan spoke with us about his recent work with Sierra Swan. Billy is producing Sierra Swan’s new album, which he considers to be an incredible set of songs. The album is currently being recorded at Billy’s studio, with only 6 days of recording remaining and an anticipated release date in 96 days.

Sierra Swan & Billy Corgan May 25th 2006

If you would like to learn more about Sierra Swan’s new album or make a pledge to support her, click here. When you make a pledge, you will be treated to Sierra’s personal updates as well as a very interesting short video that captures the production process.

Throughout the interview, we also slip into chatting about production for The Smashing Pumpkins.

How is the production of Sierra Swan’s album going so far?: (2:48)

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How have past producers influenced your production style?: (1:12)

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What was it like working with Roy Thomas Baker?: (1:59)

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How did working with Flood affect your approach to music?: (2:01)

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How does being your own producer differ from being a producer for someone else?: (2:08)

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Can we expect more producer/songwriter roles on behalf of other artists in your future?: (8:12)

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We spoke with Billy for well over 2 hours and will be releasing more of this interview throughout the week.

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