GQ visits with Billy Corgan and Resistance Pro

billy_rpIn the September 2013 issue of GQ, a 4 page article is featured on Billy Corgan and his latest side project, Resistance Pro.  The writer, Sam Lipsyte, starts by discussing the barn in suburban Illinois where the wrestling event occurs.  He notes the high-ceiling, festooned with festive kitsch, calling it a perfect place for a backwoods wedding or a shotgun Bar Mitzvah.

Billy told GQ “I played in all of theses [kind of] places..” (meaning dingy clubs) “for a pizza”.

Billy went on to explain “I sit in nearly every meeting, I tweak the matches to make sure the wrestlers understand the emotional import of what I want told in the ring.” He went on to say “Wrestling’s one of the last true subcultures left in America. Being off the radar gives it a certain funky credibility. That’s why we can be a little more edgy-the unobserved part of it all.”

On the night of the GQ visit, the writer notes that the entire Pumpkin line-up is there to sign autographs. Billy insists that nobody comes to the wrestling for him.

The article goes on to describe a lively scene of chanting fans in the crowd screaming “We want weapons! We want weapons!” And a little girl who screams “Kick him in the face!”. The wrestling event is full of dialogue and plot turns, such as a match that ends with the victor starting a new story line of friendship as he says “I would fight with you again, and then go with you and drink beer”.

The article also reveals Billy’s financial investment into the wrestling business. One of the owners of Resitance Pro, Jacques Baron, said Corgan gave the wrestling company about $35,000 and came on board as the creative director. Billy doesn’t take a cent from the sales at the door and, according to Jacques, only in the event of a large TV deal does Corgan  plan to make any money from Resistance Pro.