Billy Corgan tells Off Festival press “Music has done a very poor job of getting the attention of a 15 year old”

Billy_OffFestival_Aug2013Billy talked to the press at the Off Festival about  the music industry, and about the issue he faced when bringing back the Smashing Pumpkins in 2007.

When talking about the lack of enthusiasm in the music industry, Billy  pointed to music not being able to meet today’s attention spans.  He also pointed out that it isn’t fair to simply say music was better then than it is now. Billy said “Music has done a very poor job of getting the attention of a 15 year old. Which was the job of Elvis, which was the job of  the Beatles, and the job of the Cure.” Billy collectively blames the music community in doing a poor job (including himself).

On rebooting the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy said he felt that he was very naive to think he could just pick up where he left off. He explained that the Pumpkins are  and always has been an artistic band. But the music industry and the audience expectation had changed to expect the Pumpkins just to be a greatest hits band. Also, that people didn’t want him to be an artist anymore but to be an entertainer to which Billy says “I was never an entertainer”.

Billy went on to say that it took a long time for himself to get to a place where he could be happy with the past, happy with the future and reclaim the Smashing Pumpkins for himself.

OFF Festival: Billy Corgan

Outside of this video he told reporters:

The Smashing Pumpkins would be an interesting project to play the whole album “Mellon Collie And Infinitive Sadness”, but it spoils the music business. I’m not here to be a clown or a circus monkey, or even a teen idol.

On New Music:

I do not listen to new music and do not pay attention to it. I decided to cut off from it. With the development of such services, such as Pitchfork, the music was brought to the hair and mustaches worn by the performers. Music has been segregated into good and bad. I had to cut off from it, because it’s not my world. Of course, the world of music in the 80s was very snooty, but now it has become a standard business activity. And for Pitchfork criticizing other teams has become a form of making money – crushed one of the most influential alternative music services.