Billy Corgan says “I think about it (stopping touring) every day.”


In a new interview (translated by Google), Billy Corgan talks about the band that is together today saying:

“In my opinion, this version of the band better than the old one.  Especially when it comes to music from ‘Adore’ and’ Machina’ plates, which was a bit more new wave and not so much grunge and heavy metal. The songs we play better in this constellation, and therefore it is also the type of music we are leaning towards now.”

He goes on to say

”Oceania in most places have been declared as the best Pumpkins album since the mid nineties, so it’s not a bad starting point. And enthusiasm is much higher now than it was two years ago. But I applaud not myself on the shoulder and say it was that.For an artist one needs to constantly evolve and recognize when you can not reach further with a specific expression. I wrote songs like ‘Cherub Rock’, ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ and ‘Ava Adore’ with a wild, avant-garde thinking, but I am well aware that they do not work like that anymore. Now they feel cozy and comfortable. As such little sentimental postcard rather than the arrow through the heart, ”

Playing old songs in new ways

“As long as you continue to interpret the songs in new ways, breathes music. Otherwise it just feels like reproducing something that once was, and it is the same as artistic death, so the audience could just as well put the CD or go on YouTube and watch an old concert. So if you are not present in the moment with the music, it becomes old real fast. ”

On Rock and Roll becoming kitsch

“People do not respond to rock music in the same way as for 10 or 20 years ago. And not just The Smashing Pumpkins. Alternative rock, noise guitars, powerful drums, a song with a sincere, emotional text, everything is just not as well with audiences today. So we can not turn the same buttons as then, it does not work anymore, “says Billy Corgan.

“You can see it on people’s body language at the concerts. They do not move further to the beat in the same way. And in the U.S. we hear all the time rock music in tvreklamerne. It was not like when I was young. The Beatles made rock to a strong social and political movement, but today it just got a harmless small part of the entertainment industry. The entire symbolism that was about guitar music as something sexual and dangerous, are more connected now with the likes of Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, while rock has almost become kitsch ‘.

Playing Oceania in full in the US & regerts of changing it for Europe

“It was exhausting, because no one in the audience knew the (Oceania) songs. So when we were going to play in Europe, we made a more varied setlist. Which I actually regret today. Because it is going to work for ambiguous what is we’re doing, “says Billy Corgan.

“We just played a shit concert in Stockholm, where people began to shout at ‘1979 ‘. And I said,” 1979 ‘? No, not tonight, I do not want to ‘.For such I have always had it. If you are there to hear one song, you’ve come to the wrong place. ”

The end of a touring era:

“What I’m thinking right now is that it is an epoch that ends now. We’re almost finished touring with ‘Oceania’, and then I find something new. For right now, I think rock has lost its vigor, and I no longer feel I am part of it.There is virtually no rock bands that develop as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin did. And the public has lost the desire to try something new. So fighting in the world is a waste of time to me, “he says.

‘Maybe I should start playing for a small audience, but at a higher price.Give them an experience that is 10 times as strong as the people get now. Or maybe I’ll have to stop touring because I can not afford. Maybe I’ll settle for five concerts a year. In any case, I think you have to get out of this treadmill. How to use a year to make an album, publish it, waiting for the judgment of the reviewers, Twitter and Facebook, and then go on tour to promote the record. I think it’s over. At least for me. ”

Is Billy really considering ending tour

“I think about it every day. For it is a matter of priorities. How important it is to be home with his dogs, being on vacation, to be in the studio. And I’ve been on tour more than any other in the last 25 years. Right now I live in the same hotel where I was 16 months ago. It’s crazy to think about. It feels endless. So maybe it’s time to get out of it and create something new. ”

“We recently played at a festival where I looked at the program for all three days and saw that I had sold more records than all the other bands combined. And yet I was not top gun. So what do I do then? Why I stand there and try to prove something, I have already proven? ‘.

“When I started The Smashing Pumpkins in 1988, I did not think I would sell a lot of records. It was just to get a reaction from the friend who sat and listened. So small was my world. And maybe it’s time to pull me into a world that is smaller, but more dangerous. Because if you create something with a great force and integrity, then comes the world perhaps and looking after you. And I have shown that I can. ”

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