Flashback Friday: 20 years of Siamese Dream


Today or Saturday (depending on how you’re counting) is the 20th anniversary of the release of the Smashing Pumpkins first multi-platinum album, Siamese Dream.

As you may know, the band felt tremendous pressure while writing Siamese Dream. The band members had issues recording the album. Some with each other, others with drug addiction, and even Billy Corgan had huge writer’s block and contemplated suicide. But, the one thing that was never an issue was the music.

Siamese Dream was recorded during the period between December, 1992 and March, 1993 at Triclops Sound Studios in Marietta, Georgia. Butch Vig, who had produced the band’s first album, Gish, was on board for this sophomore album.

The album debuted at number ten on the Billboard charts and has since gone 4 times platinum. It had 4 singles (Cherub Rock, Today, Disarm, Rocket) released for radio play, as well as a fan favorite track Mayonaise, which was never released as a single.

In November, 2011, the album was reissued and remastered along with a deluxe edition that contained an additional CD of 18 tracks and a live concert DVD from the The Metro in Chicago on August 14th, 1993. Leading up to the reissue, Billy spoke and played 3 tracks from Siamese Dream with insight about the tracks, playing Disarm, Rocket and Today.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PL182592F404D1FC4F&hl=en_US]