Nicole and Mike sit down with Plop Radio


PLOP RADIO has posted a new interview with Nicole and Mike. The interview is a video, but the article starts off with a written section about the lead-up to the interview by Erich Mendoza. (writing in bold are Erich’s words via Google Translator)

Erich writes about his difficulty of getting back stage to meet with the band. He had been told by Smashing Pumpkins security Gio via email “You have to get to 20:15 o’clock, otherwise canceled” . Once he made it backstage, he meet Gio who greeted him with a “Who are you? What do you want? What are you doing here?”. Once Erich introduced himself to Gio and told him about his difficulty getting there, Gio let him know that he was fine and that the band hadn’t yet arrived.

When the band arrived, Erich seem to lose it a little when he saw Billy:  Seeing Billy Corgan, me and Briquanne Dorian, who was with me, we could not help but exclaim “BILLY CORGAN IS RIGHT FUCKING IN FRONT OF US”. We do not know if Billy listened, but try to stay calm and posture, (not apparently fans).

The band went on to have something to eat as Erich waited for 20 minutes and sat down with Doug Goodman, manager of the band and a very nice man who offered me water, and was talking to me for a while, I said it was time to do the interview. We entered the room, Mike and Nicole apologized to me for making me wait, I honestly did not carry much of the time, a thousand thoughts crossed my mind at that moment. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was “I’m pretty nervous, sorry if my voice is kinda weird” – To which they replied with a laugh saying “Do not be, we’re here, let’s do this”. And somehow, that phrase took me by complete nerve … well not entirely, but mostly.