Flashback Friday: SPUN


In June 2002, the movie SPUN was released and featured a brief cameo from Billy Corgan. The music for the independent film featured music by Billy Corgan and Djali Zwan. Although no official soundtrack was ever released, a number of tracks have been leaked on the internet.

The leaks contained 5 covers, Number of the Beast (originally by Iron Maiden), Love is a Battlefield (originally by Pat Benatar), Always (Irving Berlin), Love to Love (originally by UFO) and a modified version of Jesus, I Have Taken My Cross (Henry Lyte). The online version didn’t contain the cover of Loving You Sunday Morning (Scorpions),  Freedom (Richie Havens) or the original song by Zwan: The Shining Path, all of which were in the movie.

It also contained an alternative instrumental version of the Zwan song Mary Star of the Sea, along with original tracks: Think You Know, Freedom Ain’t What It Used To Be, Revolve, & Wasting Time.

[audio:http://thepumpkins.net//mp3/spun/06_Djali_Zwan_-_Mary_Star_Of_The_Sea_(spun_version).mp3] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKJIkqqgDMI]