Blank Page turns the page.

bpFor the past year here on Crestfallen, we have been posting links to little tidbits on Blank Page. We post things there that are interesting but don’t merit an article. You may have noticed that we recently added a widget to our sidebar that displays the most recent additions to Blank Page on every page you visit, to help keep you lazy, I mean, more easily informed.

Anyways, the list of links has gotten pretty long, with close to 500 links since its creation 1 year ago. With that many links, we have, on occasion, had some issues with Blank Page actually going blank. So we are making some changes.

Starting today, Blank Page will only contain links for the past 2 calendar months and will be followed with links that lead to pages of each previous month. Most likely, you’ll never click through these archives like you would on a picture or tour history archive, but nonetheless, it is there for you.

So woo hoo! 1 year down, plenty more to go.