Some interesting info comes out of the Smashing Pumpkins VIP Q&A in Atlanta


During the Atlanta VIP Q&A Billy was asked what he thought the future shows would be like.

Billy explained that the majority of the audience is the mainstream fan. He even pointed out that at a 500 person club the audience still wants greatest hits. Billy said he would like to play shows with fewer “hits”, but that maybe only 10-20% of the fans would want to come to that kind of show.

“But you kinda have to reward that end of the fan base that wants to hear other songs. Not always the same set, in essence. We’d like to do that too. So, we’re talking about doing acoustic touring, non greatest hits type touring, more specialty touring. I was thinking… play 4 songs off every album. So you’re guaranteed to get some deeper cuts.”

Another fan asked if there were any songs that didn’t make an album that he wished had made it.

Billy spoke specifically about Ugly, saying the way they are now playing the song was actually the original intended version. The band ended up not playing that version because Billy thought it sounded too grunge to him and similar to how everyone else was playing at the time.

Watch the full performance from Atlanta here. Thanks to Brian for filming it and sharing it on YouTube