Billy Corgan gives some revealing insight in a CNN Red Chair Interview

BillyCNNIn a new CNN interview, Billy Corgan explains “…I think that the abuse that I went through as a child sort of encouraged my creativity because I had to figure out  a way to survive.”

He went on to reveal that he was recruited by the University of Michigan for Political Science on a full  scholarship out of high school. Instead, he chose to go into music and his family ‘tore their hair out’.  Billy went on to say “It bothered me in the sense that I thought my family would support me as an artist, but [an] artist is not always something that families believe in; they tend to first think about a person’s survival as a material thing, not as spiritual nourishment, and music is, of course, spiritual nourishment but it doesn’t often pay the bills.”

Billy talked about the affect of success on his life and that his hard upbringing helped him deal with it.

When we noticed  Billy’s clothing in the interview, we figured it likely took place back at SXSW 2012. Billy has confirmed to Crestfallen that it was indeed from 2012 and that he “hated that interview.”