The Smashing Pumpkins 2013 tour starts tonight


The Smashing Pumpkins are opening up their world tour tonight, starting in Florida.  According to recent comments made by Billy Corgan, the setlist at tonight’s show is going to be different from their next, which will be a festival show.  A number of new songs have reportedly been rehearsed along with new arrangements.

Tonight, the band will also be hosting the first Madame Zuzu’s Backstage Experience -likely to be similar to last year’s VIP but with treats.  Crestfallen reader, Sean will be attending.  As he (and others) in attendances gives updates about the event, we will post them here.


Fans are being briefed. Pretty relaxed atmosphere. Only 18 for VIP tonight. –Sean



Smashing Pumpkins tour is called Shamrocks & Shenanigans Tour 2013 according to the new VIP laminate

In addition, new passport books were made but the posters sadly had a production error.  Sean was told they would be mailed and not to expect posters at the venue until after the Raleigh, North Carolina show.

The VIP show’s teacups, and stage is ready to go! Picture of the inside of the passport book.

VIP Show: (video)

“Jeff’s parts on Ugly are mind blowing in this room” –Sean

Jennifer Ever (played for the first time since 1989 according to SPFC records)

Ugly (only the 2nd time ever played live. first time was at Double Door in 95)

-Ugly was electric. Billy said he played it the original way. He made the song anti grunge to distance from that term-

Dross (last played back in October of 2000)

Info from the Q&A:

1. Billy talked about his memoir being a very difficult process. Memory vs Reality

2. Possible Christmas album? Nicole says “lets do it.” -very much a joke-

3. Billy says the relationship with the band has been great.

/end VIP show -waiting for the main event

Smashing Pumpkins to take the stage soon as Aan set is complete.

Smashing Pumpkins main set:


1. Where Boys Fear to Tread (Vine / longer video)

2. Zero (video)

3. Starz (with new arrangement)

4. Rhinoceros (video)

5. Rocket (picture from up front)

6. Space Oddity

7. XYU (video)

8.Disarm (video)

9. Tonite Reprise > Tonight Tonight (new light show / video / vine)


Banter about Tim Tebow

10. Oceania

11. Violet Rays

12. Qussar

13. The Chimera

14. One Diamond One Heart

15. Pinwheels

16. The Celestials

17. Pale Horse


18. Ava Adore
19. Cherub Rock
20. Stand Inside Your Love
21. I of Mourning
22. United States (new arrangement)


23. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
24. Poreclina of the Vast Ocean

/end show

If you are interested in the new  stage/video set-up. We were sent two exclusive photos from Sean.