The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania 3D in NYC to be available June 25th

rfWe got an email today from an eagle eye reader named Mark who has tipped us off (thank you Mark!) about seeing a screen shot revealing when the Smashing Pumpkin 3D release would be. It was found on M.LS which is the official website of Mister Saint Laurent, a pro wrestler that has had Billy Corgan on his podcast in the past. His site is reputable for music news as well as he works in the industry.

The image to the left is a supposedly a screenshot of Rock Fuels new site(s). So if it’s correct we should see the release on Wednesday, June 25th Tuesday, June 25th.


Fans were recently told we should expect an announcement this week, so watch out for more updates soon.

UPDATE: We found a way to gain access to this demo site and found more information such as an HBO Latin America broadcast set for May 2013

UPDATE 2: Rock Fuels launches their site in full. This is likely where the trailer will first pop-up at.

UPDATE 3: The official Facebook Page is reporting a release on both DVD and Blu-Ray

UPDATE 4: An Official press release is out. The only news is the release date is now Tuesday, June 25th