Flashback Friday: Blinking with Fists

photo by: John Riviello
photo by: John Riviello

In 2004 Billy Corgan book of poetry known as Blinking with Fists was released. The book reached the New York Times best seller list book of poetry. At the time of it’s release Billy had recently started to work on his first solo album.

On January 23rd 2004 Billy wrote via his livejournal blog saying he had 9 days until he had to submit his poetry for the book and he yet to chose a title. He wrote ” How about [titling it] “sensitive rhymes and crimes of the heart” or some shit like that…ha! welcome to the real me…. bc”

After the book was released Billy went on a modest book signings and live performances events in October 2004. Your can hear a recording of the Toronto reading here or watch some video from his reading in Denver below.

This is one of the poems from his book titled the box:

inside this box i put

my mother’s things

false teeth

2 wedding rings

pictures of beautiful youth

her worn-out couch and window gaze

a razor voice like mine

2 kitty cats named Trouble and Harmony

75 clocks running backwards

some collector’s plate of Oz

but there isn’t any music

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWPrgJqRdmE&list=PLia6dqyCNJ4EHlWaq-hV4LUdpVtszXVxb]