The Smashing Pumpkins are throwing around the idea of recording 2 albums & playing a 25th anniversary show

Terri Hemmert & Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan was on 93 XRT with Terri Hemmert this morning talking Cubs baseball. He predicting the Cubs season is likely to be a “weird year”. He was pretty clear that he didn’t believe the Cubs are going to win it all this year and his interest was on seeing growth in the team playing more than winning games.

Teri asked Billy about being on the cutting edge of recording technology to which Billy said the Pumpkins are considering releasing two albums. One that would be “focused on the world that needs everything to be perfect and maybe one that would be more raw and done the old way.” He went on to talk about recording the album on a 4-track like the Beatles did.

Later Billy mention that with the 25th anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins first show they are considering on doing a show in Chicago (possibly at the metro). No date has been set. The band first show ever was July 9th 1988 and first show as the original four was later that year on Oct. 5th at the Metro.

UPDATE: Audio from the show