VIDEO: Part 2 of Jimmy Chamberlin on MUTV Presents “Ask The Expert”


In this part two of an interview Jimmy (see part 1) he talks about his time with the Smashing Pumpkins. He then moves on to talk about working with Zwan and doing the Complex.

Jimmy said that in Zwan never clicked despite having great musicians. He went on to say that Billy’s  song writing ability is what really propped up that band. He also notes that during Zwan recording of Mary Star of the Sea he used a click track for the first time.

Jimmy told the story about how Billy Mohler was consider for the bassist in Zwan and that later lead to him being in the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex.

On the topic of a new Complex record Jimmy said he and Mohler had worked on five or six songs written over the course of a number of years. But Mohler is really busy producing and their schedules haven’t matched up.