A new in depth video interview with James Iha


In this 4 part video interview James talks about past and present here are just some quick highlights:

James talks about Elvis, Snake Train (who weren’t called something else.. he may be think of the Feds?).

James reflects on his days in the Pumpkins calling it “great but was really intense”. James called the line up of Alan Moulder, Flood and Billy an unbeatable force.

James said that when he started to write songs for what became Look to the Sky, a lot of the songs sounded like his first solo album. He told the interviewer that he wanted to use more experimental sounds.

He ends by continuing to say that he say the Smashing Pumpkins to come to a natural conclusion and when asked if  James still talk to D’arcy he told them “once in a while.. umm, she’s okay.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqTRLz0-g9w&list=PLia6dqyCNJ4F0I4i4Yl0fbnGdrVJnoyI9]