The Smashing Pumpkins have officially started writing music for their new album

Need we say more? Well sure why not. Billy said in November that “I’m gonna be demoing some new songs for hopefully what would be a Pumpkins album somewhere down the road.” recently it appears some preliminary work has already begun. Nicole had said during fan Q&A that the band had already started to work on some new music and so did Billy during an interview, also delineated that the album will likely come out next year. In late August 2012 Billy told Rockline that he has a title for the new album already.

Billy told us in our end of the year interview that “it behooves us to come back with a record that is far stronger than Oceania… it has to be in our eyes as exponential of a leap as Siamese was from Gish, or Siamese to Mellon Collie. It has to be that kind of leap. We don’t think that there is really any reason to release an album just as good [as Oceania].”