The Smashing Pumpkins play on the rooftop of the AMOA Arthouse in Austin, TX


A little earlier today Billy Corgan mention he was working on his birthday doing a rooftop taping for  TV . The rooftop of choice tonight was the AMOA Arthouse in Austin. The band seem to be playing shortly before 8pm in Austin. If we find out any more information about tonight’s performance we will keep you abreast.

UPDATE: The band reportedly played Quasar, Oceania and Bullet with Butterfly Wings (taking at least 3 takes). Also they reportedly played Cherub Rock.

Big thanks to Mike for the setlist!

Photo from what appears to be the control room

Some fans were able to watch the show from a distance.

Check out this CRAP VIDEO of Bullet with Butterfly Wings! thanks to Mark who taped this from his apartment window


Nicole posted a picture of herself on the roof

UPDATE 2: The Smashing Pumpkins performance on the rooftop is reported to be recorded for a Guitar Center session and will be aired on an exclusive (premium) DirectTV’s channel called Audience. It will also included an interview that Billy had at SXSW on the 16th.

DirectTV re-tweeted Guitar center seakpeek of the filiming.

Don’t worry if you are not a DirectTV customer, as Guitar Center commonly puts these performances also on YouTube.


UPDATE 3: We have also been told the band played The Celestial