The Smashing Pumpkins at SXSW 2013

SXSW_Jeff&BWPCToday the Smashing Pumpkins will be playing at Red Bulls Sound Select at SXSW. We secured a press pass and sent a local Crestfallen reader to report for us from the show. We hope to have some pictures but for sure we plan to have the setlist for you! We will also be keeping our eye on the social universe all night for additional pictures and keep you up to date! The band won’t be taking the stage till late tonight so expect updates much later today.

All times reflect  Austin, TX in CST

10:18am: Redbull posted artwork for tonight’s show

The Smashing Pumpkins will be playing at 310 E. 3rd Street tonight according to the picture posted yesterday. This confirmed what we had known for a couple of days now.

11:38am: Redbull confirms the location of 310 E. 3rd Street. doors at 8pm!

11:54am: Do512 is said to be giving away entry passes.

12:03pm: Red Bull has confirmed that it will be first come first serve.

6:30pm: The Smashing Pumpkins are soundchecking, they played Zero, Ava Adore Quasar  and Porcelina

Billy with a fan earlier today

6:45pm: Smashing Pumpkins are soundchecking United States

Check out this crowd: Police cleared the street and the line goes on and on. They now are barricading the street.


7:06pm Wristbands are now being handed out to those in line.

7:15pm: A Billy Corgan citing. looks like they are going to head out

7:19pm: wristbands for tonight event.

7:30pm: Redbull announced had reached capacity for tonight. but they are still handing out wrist bands.

7:44pm: Some fans have gotten in early

8:20pm: Great view from inside the venue. Check out the media pass


We want to welcome our guest representative for tonight, Audrey Carlisle! We will be getting some great first hand accounts from her tonight.


8:15pm Ringo Death Star has taken the stage
8:15pm: Ringo Deathstarr has taken the stage
9:32pm Girl in a Coma takes stage
9:32pm: Girl in a Coma takes stage

Audrey: DAMN! Girl in a Coma is rocking!!! They are really good!!!


For those who want to watch the show in comfort they could watch the show in a projection room. Some are even resting up for when SP takes stage.

Audrey: Bar is now open!! Rebull Cocktails! Was $7 now free

10:24pm: The Sword is getting ready to take stage.

Side note, looks like Billy Corgan sat down with Guitar Center at SXSW

10:50pm: The Sword has taken the stage.

Audrey: Sword is on bringing the rock. They remind me of 70’s hard rock. I love it!


Audrey: Def going to check this band out later. I LOVE THIS BAND!!

11:35pm: The Sword is done time to bring on the Pumpkins!!

Audrey: crowd is singing along to Live – Lightening Crashes

11:37pm: Stage is getting setup for the Smashing Pumpkins.

Audrey: Crowd is happy! Open bar might have something to do with that

Midnight: Billy Corgan 46th birthday begins!

Smashing Pumpkins are rocking QUASAR
Smashing Pumpkins are rocking QUASAR

12:04am Smashing Pumpkins rock Quasar!

Audrey IT’S AMAZINIG!!!! So loud!!! Energy is very high!!!

12:10am Starla  (some video to be available tomorrow)

Audrey: the band sounds incredible

12:12am the crowd is said to be going nuts

12:16am: the crowd outside of the venue listening the Smashing Pumpkins.

12:17am: Cherub Rock

Billy doing the Starla solo
Billy doing the Starla solo

Audrey: The crowd is loving Cherub Rock! Billy is the only rock star left on the planet!

12:22am: Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Great picture of Jeff and Billy

12:27am: The Celestials

A smiling birthday boy.

A closer picture of Billy’s Starla solo

Ground control to Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom

12:32am: Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)

VINE video of Space Oddity

12:38am: XYU

Audrey: It’s intense!

The Smashing Pumpkins in effect

A nice close up picture of Billy during Starla.

12:47am: Disarm 

12:51am: Tonite Reprise

I think we all know what is coming up next.

Pumpkins start to play Oceania
Pumpkins start to play Oceania

12:52am: Tonight, Tonight

fans are reportly clapping to tonight, tonight

Another vine video, with audio of tonight tonight and a 2nd one.

12:59am Oceania

Audrey:  Jeff tells the crowd it is Billy’s birthday

One of the many good pictures showing up on twitter.

Vine video of Cherub Rock

Pale Horse

1:xxam:  Pale Horse

1:13am Ava Adore

Audrey: started with synth now guitars! Sounds awesome!

1:19am: Zero

Audrey: Everyone’s going crazy!! Crowd surfing

1:21am: Stand Inside Your Love

1:26am: United States

Great picture from tonight’s show



Audrey: United States is so so good!

1:37am: Smashing Pumpkins exit the stage.. crowd is pumped and hollerin

1:40am Smashing Pumpkins return to the stage!

This is the last song of the night

1:41am Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Audrey: This is just incredible. I don’t have any more words. Absolutely beautiful.

1:54pm: show ends!

That concludes our live blog of the Smashing Pumpkins at SXSW 2013. We hope you enjoyed it!