exclusive interview with James Iha

james_sitsBetween touring with A Perfect Circle in Australia and preparing for their upcoming South America Lollapolozza dates James Iha and Crestfallen recently had the chance to have an email interview.

CF: When you were writing your new solo album was it hard to select which songs would make the cut?

James: I went with the best songs, i tried to have some continuity while also making the album a kind of journey

CF: We understand you are working on other projects such as A Perfect Circle who you are touring with now, will that mark the end of your solo tour?

James: APC will tour for a couple of months but after that we’re probably done for the rest of the year. I’ll still play solo gigs or work on other things after that

CF: I found it interesting that you chose to play the Smashing Pumpkins song Mayonnaise which you are credited to co-write. Why did you chose this track and not another track that you wrote under the Pumpkins name?

James: I wanted to do a song from the Pumpkins for my solo sets as a nod to my past and for Pumpkins fans who come see me. as far as songs i co-wrote/wrote in the Pumpkins I think Mayonnaise has always been a fan favorite and it’s always been a favorite of mine as well.

CF: A number of fans have said Gemini would make a great single and you recently played it for JBTV, do you think that might be a possible single?

James: If there was another song featured from the record it would probably be Gemini, I like the song a lot too

CF: Was there a particular track on Look to the Sky that was hard to write?

James: Some were easy (summer days, 4th of july, dream tonight), some were hard (gemini, a string of words). I’m not sure why a particular song is easy or difficult, the easy ones come to you really fast, the hard ones sit in my notebook for a long time before I can finish them

CF: Recently we saw you get pretty excited about receiving an IPAD from JBTV and MacMall have you been using this gift much?

James: The best gift I’ve ever gotten from a journalist for sure, normally you get a bottle of water

CF: Have you gotten the chance to listen to any of the Smashing Pumpkins reissues and have any thoughts about them?

James: I’ve heard a few things and they sound really good

CF: What is the most important thing to you right now?

James: Its hard to say one so ill say family, life, music

Check out footage from James Iha recent stop at JBTV: