Nicole Fiorentino has a Facebook Q&A session saying “yes we are working on new music now”

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Last night Nicole held a Q&A session on her Facebook Page to answer fans questions. Here is a list of her answers. The ones in bold we found most interesting.

NF: always excited to play shows, especially Oceania songs because I am playing my own part ; )

NF: hmmm, not sure about vip for europe. i cant imagine why we wouldnt

NF: violet rays has always been one of my faves, ever since BC played it for my acoustically, when it was just an idea

NF: i am into this band called HAIM. just recently heard of them

NF:  i use ernie ball

NF:  im sure we will be back in SA. we love playing there. however after the euro tour we will be focusing on recording

NF: cold and lovely might do some east coast shows this summer but i will be in europe

NF: yeah i mean it would be fun to play keys on a record. jeff and mike play keys too so you never know. mike’s one of those people who can play any instrument.

NF: we’ll be back in oklamhoma again next time we do a full scale US tour

NF: yes we are working on new music now

NF: there were many more songs written for oceania but only a few recorded that didnt make the cut

NF:  if i werent a musician i would probably be a yoga teacher

NF: desert island albums “disintgration” – the cure, Loveless – MBV . stories from the city- pj harvey

NF: i dont think he’s gotten mad at me, but he does a funny face when you fuck up. ive gotten used to it

NF: fave song on loveless is “soon”

NF: we’ll be back in NZ next time we play in OZ. i love it there. greenest grass ive ever seen

NF: yes oceania was a part of teargarden. and the next album will be, until we reach the 44 songs

NF: yeah i think we would do another double album

NF: weve thought about releasing unreleased oceania stuff, we’ll see. we want to focus on new songs right now

NF: i take a lot of chinese herbs and do yoga to not get sick! also acupuncture . thanks for the concern!

NF: i really hope so , vancouver. beautiful city. very sorry that show didnt happen

NF: we’ll play a good handful of oceania songs as well as the “hits” and some fan faves

NF: VINYL. but i prefer cassette tapes. remember when people used to make you mixed tapes. those were the days

NF:  i used billy’s 62 fender jazz for a lot of oceania. amazing tone.

NF:  yeah we’ll always come back to latin america. love you guys

NF: touring habits? on the bus, the back lounge is basically jeff’s office. mike and i are hermits in our bunks, (im ususally watching walking dead) and billy watches rockumentaries at full volume in the front lounge.

NF:  im really proud of my work on the celestials

NF: waffles for sure

NF: new TCL ep is coming along! so excited to release it!

NF: fave SP songs….luna, porcelina, 33, soma, so many great ones

NF: i havent read any of his book but he’ll often tell us what he’s been working on that day, so i know a lot of the stories

NF: i chose the bass because i attempted many other instruments before that i didnt connect with. and then i picked up the bass and my life made sense

NF: i am going to his tea house for bingo on monday night!

NF: it felt like a dream at the beginning, but i also wasnt surprised because it felt like my destiny

NF:  i am going to lay on the beach in FL. ive been in freezing chicago

NF: no we dont really have anyhting to do with the reissues, i mean we’re there everyday so we are aware of the work that goes into it, and what it going to be on it,etc.

NF: brb. i need to get more wine.

NF:  last big concert was roger waters

NF: i loved tokyo because its the only place ive ever felt culture shocked. and the sushi is unbelievable

NF:  ive always thought of myself as a feminist ever since high school when i got into riot grrrl. andi just think it’s important as woman in the public eye to bring up issues when they arise. if i can influence one person to think about how women are treated differently then i have done my job

NF:  im obsessed with breaking bad’

NF: last song i listene to was rusted wheel by silversun pickups

NF:  tough to say if i was looking at you. i stare a lot of people in the eye when i play

NF: Original 62, not reissue

NF: ha! i was just watching justin timberlake on SNL!

NF:  of course i own them all! its my job! i dont know i love them for different reasons. obviosuly oceania is near and dear to my heart but i think growing up listenting to them it was siamese. i dont care if that seems generic

NF: fave non sp song on bass is fascination st

NF:  fave tv show, beverly hills 90210

NF: its very difficult, but not impossible, to have a relationship while on the road

NF:  take the money and run-steve miller

NF:  no VS is not dead, in fact louise has some things in the works

NF: yeah i mean i was a dancer for 12 years, and my dad was a drummer, so i think rhythm is inherent in me

NF:  i taught myself to play by watching my favorite bass players very carefully and playing along to my favorite bands incessantly.

NF:  simon gallup is my hero

NF:  yes we got all of our things back from the mexican border, it was border patrol people who stole took them

NF: i got into bass because i wanted to be kristen pfaff from hole.

NF: stand inside your love is one of my favorite songs to play live. ive never actually sung the choruses live but i am going to start because i am always singing it in my head

NF: i love tori [Amos]. she’s my go to on itunes. i can listen to her anytime of day, any mood that im in. love.

NF: nirvana changed my life.

NF: Cold and lovely is so much fun. i love playing with my girls and it is an honor to play with such amazing musicians. meg has got more talent in her pinky finger than most artists out there these days

NF: we ve only played quiet at the VIP shows. i would love to play it at a show though, great song. so fun

NF: yeah i really want to do a solo album. i think i will focus on that the next time i have a break, but i dont think it will be anytime soon!

NF: i just discovered a band called HAIM that i really like

NF: yeah we will do another full scale US tour again, just doing the south now because we skipped it last year

NF:  i love maine. used to go to ogunquit every summer as a kid

NF: coley is what my family and closest friends call me ; )

NF: heart is one of the best rock bands in history, its about time.

NF: have not heard baroness record yet

NF:  it’s pretty cool, you should try it Mike Byrne [Nicole is suggesting Mike should do a Q&A]

NF:  i think i differ from past SP bassists in that i approach the bass very melodically. maybe it’s because i am self-taught, i dont know. but we are all very different bass players who make very different choices on the bass. theyre all amazing and i have so much respect for the work they have all done.

NF: yes! of course i remember you Rhiannon Stone ! you have the best name of anyone ive ever met! thank you!

NF: LOVE the pixies

NF: sometimes BC likes to start rumours like his bass player was on the cover of siamese dream. its how we entertain ourselves. ; )

NF:  i really love playing anywhere in south america because the audience is so enthusiastic and makes us feel so welcomed. theyre non-judgemental and just want to have a good time. plus the food is amazing

NF: sweet sixteen forever.

NF: wheels and dollbaby in OZ is my fave store, thanks!

NF: yeah its amazing how life works. so many aspects of my life are kind of unbelievable. im just grateful that i get to play with not only some of my idols, but fascinating people and crazy talented musicians.

NF:  leonard cohen is one of those guys who doesnt have to try. he’s just bad ass. he was born that way. also i’m friends with his daughter and shes pretty rad too ; )

NF: no northwest on this run, but we’ll be back ; ) Mike Byrne will be angry if we dont. he’s a portland boy

NF:  i did an audition once where i had to play a muse song on bass, cant remember which one, but it made my hand cramp and i didnt get the gig. good thing i didnt. because i wouldnt be in the band i am in now! funny how things work out.

NF: italy. my people ; )

NF: it is not unlikely that dream machine will be on next record

NF: glad to have melted your face.

NF: Rhiannon Stone you live in OZ now?

NF: never met flea but he runs a music school in my neighborhood. good guy.

NF: ive met kiedis. he was a regular customer at the restaurant i used to work at ten years ago. he used to try to hold my hand. ; )

NF: fave movies clash of the titans and neverending story

NF: i would switch places with Mike Byrne so that i could hit things and make it sound like music.

NF: i am indeed, proudly, a Masshole