Billy Corgan says he isn’t the only wrestling fan in the Smashing Pumpkins

In a new wrestling interview by Joshua Modaberi Billy goes over how he first got into wrestling watching “Dick The Bruiser, Crusher, Baron Von Radschke and of course Ric Flair. “. He talks about what his favorite match was and his dream matches. They talk a bit about  how he got into Resistance Pro.

Asked if he knew any one else in the music industry that is a wrestling fan he said “Actually my drummer Mike Byrne is a big wrestling fan and when I take him to events like SummerSlam he starts to freak out when he gets to meet some of these top people in the wrestling business.”

They end with talking about three wrestlers (Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Mickie James) who have crossed out of the ring and into the music business to which Corgan said “I think it is great that in all three cases that have pursued something that they love and they don’t see wrestling as something that limits them, they see it as just part of their lives and I think music is one of those things where it doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you bring a lot of love and passion to it, it works.”