Are the Smashing Pumpkins playing SXSW 2013?


A band called Quiet Company from Austin, TX made a pretty wild tweet saying “Did you hear we are playing a music festival w/ Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, & Dave Grohl. It’s called SXSW.”  A fan followed up to question the idea of the Pumpkins to which they replied “yeah.. not sure where though.. I think they are on the Red Bull showcase”

Last year Billy Corgan made a number of appearances at SXSW interactive. With the main event having him be the keynote speaker with Biran Solis.

So could this be possible? It seem last second to us. It is true Dave Grohl will be there but as a keynote speaker. While Quiet Company & Green Day are confirmed for the SXSW. The music side of this event starts on March 12th and ends on the 18th which the Pumpkins are available. So either way we should know pretty soon if this rumor is truth or trash.