The Smashing Pumpkins start rehearsing for upcoming tour


Nicole recently told Crestfallen in an interview -about The Cold & Lovely new EP- that she would be “off into Pumpkinland in about a week,”. The week has passed and rehearsals have commenced. Nicole posted two new pictures on her Facebook page of her at the Pumpkins rehearsals on Saturday night. She wrote  “jeans on, sleeves rolled up, hair back. ok i’m ready to work.”.

The band first show is in Mexico for the Tajín Summit 2013 on March 23rd. From there they will  have a month off till their next slew of USA tour dates (mostly in the south) starting in late April to mid May. Then another month off and then from June – July they have over 20 tour dates followed by two dates in Japan.

This Smashing Pumpkin tour will not be accompanied by the orb like the last tour and won’t have Oceania played in full. Instead it will be a more traditional setlist where Oceania tracks are going to be part of the setlist mixed with other songs.

It is also likely the band will use this time to start some ground work for the next album. Jeff recently said that ” We really want to focus on writing great new material”.