Billy Corgan has a quick Q&A with


In a short interview with Spinner Billy talks about why wrestling intrigues him:

“It’s all the shades that exist in it that involve good and evil. There is an axiom in wrestling that says, to the effect, “Evil must always believe it is right.” So when Roddy Piper would do something messed up, he was sort of sticking to a morality code in wrestling. And what makes great heels are the guys that often times the fans won’t embrace because he is not a star, yet he probably has the talent of the star, so they have a sense of justification. That’s part of the magic of wrestling for me.”

On how he feels that relates to him:

“In my case, I’ve often played the public heel because I often feel that is sort of my role. I’m probably a guy that has a world-class gift but often I get treated sometimes like someone that just wandered into a grocery store and just happened to be standing there when the light bulb went on. I do get kind of pissy by being underappreciated and so at times I go kind of “Piper.” I play the heel to draw attention to myself and most importantly to let people know I think I dobelong in a room with everyone else.”

The interviewer (Chris Epting) then states that Billy has won a lot of respect over the years, to which Billy ends the interview saying:

“Well, there is a tradition in wrestling where if you’re a good guy long enough, they’ll eventually embrace you because they know how bad you’ve been and there is a little bit of that with me where people will just celebrate my insanity, both good and bad. And I’ve reached the point where I’ve stopped trying to un-weave it all for everybody because most people don’t have the sophistication to put it all in proper context.

It’s like, I was talking to one writer recently and I said to him, “I think I am a major talent.” Now, if you think I’m a major talent, we will probably get along. But if you don’t think I’m a major talent, we may have a problem. And I probably seem like a problem because you’ll say why is this guy whining and crying and causing trouble? Shouldn’t he just be happy with what he’s got? And I get that attitude from people that are like, “Hey man, you had your great moment and you should be appreciative you should be happy we care at all.” But guess what? I still have something to say and I think I have a better track record the most people you are listening to today.”