Nicole Fiorentino talks to about the new Cold and Lovely EP

Nicole & Meghan in studio working on the new EP
Nicole & Meghan in studio working on the new EP

We recently corresponded with Nicole about the new Cold and Lovely EP that the band has been working on we hope you enjoy it.

Crestfallen: -The Cold and Lovely self-titled album was a fund raising effort will this upcoming EP be released via fundraising as well?

NF: Right now we don’t have any plans to do a fundraising campaign for the e.p., the plan is to release it digitally only. as we get further along in the process and if we feel like it makes sense for us to make physical copies, then at that point we might reconsider.

Crestfallen: –I saw that you were recording at Earls Music Productions for this EP, what was it like to record there?

NF: Lynn mixed the first record and we were very happy with her work. she has become a very good friend to the band and has an amazing studio here in LA.  we’re just very comfortable working with her. she gets really great sounds and she has 2 cute puppies as an added bonus! we recorded drums and some bass at her studio, the remaining instruments/vocals will be recorded at Meg’s home studio where a good portion of the last record was made.

Crestfallen: -How many different tracks did you consider for this EP before going into the studio?

NF: we didn’t really consider it much. it just sort of happened. I had some time off from Pumpkins, so we thought we’d take advantage by getting into the studio while I was around. the original plan was to do another full length but once we got in there and recorded 5 quality songs we just decided to make an e.p. instead of waiting until the next time i was available to record 5 more for a full length. at this point there are enough songs to make a full length, just not enough time together as a band to actually record it! so we figured we’d just do an e.p. for now and record the rest of them whenever we get a chance. I think with the last record we developed a good following and we just want to keep the ball rolling and make our music available asap to people.

Crestfallen: -Was there any difference between recording this EP than the album?

NF: this time around it has definitely been more of a band effort, partially due to the fact that I had the time to contribute and we added Melineh Kurdian to the mix who is extremely talented. so we had more energy I think as a band than we did on the first record. also on this record Meg has gotten to a point where she’s realized the sound of the band. I think on the e.p. you are going to hear what Meg always envisioned the sound of the band to be. it’s been really cool to witness the transformation. throughout this writing process she has been really clear and excited about the songs, whereas before the sound was just being shaped, not so much fully realized.

Crestfallen: -Do either of you or Meghan have a favorite Cold and Lovely track?

NF: I think for me it’s a little easier to answer that because I am not the songwriter, for Meg it’s harder because they are all her babies so  she doesn’t want to play favorites! Mine would be Red Eye, the newest of the tracks. today I described it on Facebook as a song that rips out your heart, gives it a little kiss, and then places it gently back in your body.

Crestfallen: -You recently played a live show at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California -which is available to watch on YouTube– how was it for you?

the show was pure magic. it was so fun to play live as a band. it’s very rare that it gets to happen so we really appreciate those moments. the crowd was great, everyone was digging the new songs, we were super tight considering we play together on average once a year! it was a “feel-gooder” for sure ; )

Crestfallen: -Is there a time table of when we may expect the new EP to be available for sale?

NF: I am off into Pumpkinland in about a week, so Meg is taking this thing on by herself again. it’s her top priority so we are guessing somewhere a long the lines of late spring. we’d like to get it out as soon as we can because we are really proud of the songs and want so badly to share them with everyone!