Billy Corgan and Resistance Pro wrestles their way into an advertisement.

wpc_adWe have yet to seen the ad, but Chicago Business is reporting that members of the Resistance Pro will tussle with Walter E. Smithe brothers -who are known for appearing in their slapstick ads-. In trying to find out more information we have confirmed that Billy will in fact be in the spot. So if you happen to live in the Chicago area, you may want to keep your eyes open for this tongue in cheek ad.  In addition Billy Corgan was not paid for his appearance in the ad.

UPDATE:  Check out the ad below, just make sure you aren’t drinking anything the first time you watch it. In the press release that we obtained on Feb 20th it reads: “I am proud of Resistance Pro’s growing popularity,” says Corgan. “Tim Smithe and his brothers presented us with the opportunity to share our brand. I’m grateful to the Smithe brothers for their $50,000 donation to PAWS, a charity that is important to me.”

Also check out this interview with Billy Corgan about the commercial.