Billy Corgan + Jeff Schroeder performance at Madame Zuzu’s

WPC&Jeff-ZuzuTonight starting at 6pm CST Billy Corgan will be hosting BINGO at his teahouse in Highland Park, IL.. The night will also included a live performance by Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder. Nicole will not be there although she wish she could.

We will be posting live updates and any pictures and videos that we find right here.

5:55pm: Billy and Jeff are hanging out before hand

6:02pm: Jeff gets his own SPFreak shirt

6:08pm: Check out the tickets for tonight’s BINGO event

6:14pm: Billy stands in front of the patrons at Zuzu’s

6:17pm: O 69 is called and Billy says “There’s kids in here”

6:25pm: Billy continues to call out the BINGO numbers

6:40pm: the fun contunies

6:57pm Some folks can’t even win with the lucky Smashing Pumpkins number 17 and 33


Video of Billy and Jeff playing around

Pic of Billy and Jeff playing

SETLIST: c/o Matthew Sams 

Apples + Oranjes



Pale Horse,


My Love Is Winter

A song about Donna, Bill Kurtis’ wife. Donna.