Flashback Friday: Mary Star of the Sea

mary-star-of-the-seaYou may have read that recently Zwan’s only album Mary Star of the Sea celebrated it’s 10th birthday. The album reached the number 3 spot on the US charts in it’s debut week.

Billy wrote in his online journal that “Mother Mary saved my life. That is why the Zwan album was titled Mary, Star of the Sea.” He went on to explain “…I used to go and hang out at this church called Mary Star of the Sea. What I didn’t say is that off to the side was a grotto of the Virgin Mary that I used to go and pray at to find some clarity and solace. I asked Mother Mary there to help me change the direction of my life, my negative attitudes, and to heal my broken heart. I promised Mary that in tribute to her, I would name the album in her honor, and thereby honor the place when I found comfort in hours of need”.

The album featured the singles, Honestly and Lyric.

Billy recently said that he wanted to release Of A Broken Heart as a single but the label wouldn’t even allow it to be tried on 3 stations in the middle of nowhere.