Blu-ray giveaway drawing


Today at 10am PST we will be holding our drawing for our Blu-ray give away. We had over 250 valid entries and we want to thank everyone who entered. You can watch the live announcement of our winners here. We also have a small side announcement that we will make after the drawing, and will post here afterwards.

Our Winners:

1) Venus S. / Sept 9th 2010 / California

2) Kristina L / Oceania Cruise / Canada

3) Jon R / Best of Crestfallen / California

4) Zachary H. / Spirits in the Sky / Canada

5) Katherine L / Sept 9th 2010 / Australia

6) Diane K. / Best of Crestfallen / Illinois

7) Myles B. / Best of Crestfallen / New Zealand

8) James O. / July 28th 2007

9) Davud K. / Septh 9th 2010 / Virginia

10) Sharon G. / Oceania Cruise / New Jersey  (WINNER OF SIGNED BLU-RAY BY BILLY CORGAN)

By virtue of Sharon being our lucky winner anyone who entered and gave us your address that is from New Jersey, you will get your blu-ray!