Blank Page May 2013

May 30th:

Nicole supports Strut Your Mutt

Smashing Pumpkins Glastonbury show possibly to be broadcasted on the BBC

May 29th:

Another angle of the Corpus Christi VIP Q&A

Sea Shepherd UK to be at the Smashing Pumpkins concerts in UK

May 28th:

Billy takes note of a recent Jimmy video

 Jimmy Chamberlin plays Not From Here & William Mohler talks about working with JC

Gish turns 22 years old

May 8th VIP Q&A and Performance

Sierra Swan album is now funded

May 25th:

Billy at last nights Resistance Pro event

May 24th:

Rolling Stone does its own Flashback Friday

May 23rd:

Nicole shares some music from the Cold and Lovely EP

May 22nd:

Billy thanks Melissa Joan Hart for her endorsement

Mike talks to Modern Drummer

A rebroadcast of the Smashing Pumpkins Guitar Center Session will be on DirectTV channel 101 / Melissa Joan Hart said the Pumpkins were #killingit

Another view point for the May 15th VIP performance

Jimmy Chamberlin listed at #18 of the top 100 drummers of alternative music (thanks to Ben for the tip)

The company doing the Smashing Pumpkins tour shirt has a contest giving away a unique signed SP poster 

May 18th:

Partial video performances from VIP show May 15th

May 16th:

Part of the Q&A at the VIP show on May 15th 2013 / More of the Q&A on May 15th 2013

Corpus Christi, Texas VIP performance / Q1 from Corpus Christi / Q2 /

Billy explains why he didn’t play 1979 in Houston (dead link DL video here)

Hula hooping with Nicole, Jeff, Mike and band members of Girls in a Coma

May 15th:

The Smashing Pumpkins cross the 3 million like mark on Facebook.

VIP performance on May 13th

Jimmy Chamberlin to be part of the Hot Stove All Stars concert on June 21st at the Metro Chicago

May 14th:

Rolling Stone post about the Smashing Pumpkins playing Space Oddity

2ng angle for of the Atlanta VIP performance

May 13th:

Some cool pictures from the recent  show in Charlotte.  (thanks Iya)

Billy at the VIP in Corpus Christi, TX

Nicole post soundcheck Vine video

Cold and Lovely release tentatively scheduled for a July release

May 12th:

May 10th Atlanta VIP performances

Memphis show in full.

May 10th:

A 4th angle of the May 2nd VIP

The Cold and Lovely are working with Secret Road management

May 9th:

May 8th VIP performance

Win two free tickets for upcoming Texas show

May 8th:

Another old interview has yet again shown up before an upcoming SP show.

May 7th:

Billy Corgan spotted in Raleigh

Pale Horse from Guitar Center Sessions / Space Oddity from Guitar Center Session

May 5th:

May 2nd VIP performance and 1 questions / 2nd angle courtesy of Martin / 3rd angle

May 4th:

Mike directs Nicole’s latest Vine video

Billy says amen to ESPN article on gay rights

Billy dad comes on stage

Funshine setlist

Smashing Pumpkins and Cheap Trick backstage / Billy with Cheap Trick

May 3rd:

Nicole latest Vine video from backstage / from Waffle House / Rasta banana / Fright Night / Ferris Wheel / Slide

Pictures from the Smashing Pumpkins recent show

May 2nd:

Tampa Bay press rehashes December interview for upcoming Funshine Festival (original article)

May 1st:

Nicole Vine video shows what it’s like before SP takes the stage

You can’t name your kid SP in New Zealand.

Nicole starts her morning with Bessie Smith

D’arcy turns 45

Sasha Grey says it’s fun to hang out with Billy Corgan