Blank Page June 2013

June 28th:

Humorous Billy in Barcelona Video 1Video 2

Jeff/Mike habla español en Barcelona.

Billy—Solo, pick toss…smile in Barcelona.

June 26th:

Video of Jimmy from Hot Stove Cool Music

Win tickets for the Wembley Arena show Monday, July 22nd.

June 25th:

Full Length video of Smashing Pumpkins at Bridge School Benefit in 1997

Video of Smashing Pumpkins playing a cover of Immigrant

An “interview” with Billy by their opening band Naive New Beaters

The Veronica’s have found footage of Billy Corgan working on guitar for their recent record.

Paris setlistFans review of Paris show with links to videos

June 24th:

Double Rainbowa wonderful drummerand Mother Moon

June 22nd:

Pictures of last night’s show

June 21st:

Video of Blank Page played for the 1st time in 12+ years

Video of The Imploding Voice played for the 1st time in years

Billy Corgan attends mass in Germany.

June 20th:

Reported setlist for Cologne Germany show part 1, part 2, part 3picture (update 12)

June 19th:

Nicole comments on the Oceania 1 year anniversary.

Oceania was released a year ago

June 18th:

Nicole tweets her arrival in Germany

June 17th:

Max Vangeli runs into Billy Corgan

Rolling Stones MX says Billy’s spiritual memories to launch in 2014

June 15th:

Billy reportedly makes donations to NMC

June 13th:

Five Knives talks about touring with SP

Billy shares a picture of US Arms forces plaque

Smashing Pumpkins ad for upcoming show(s) in Russia

The Naive New Beaters will open for SP in Paris (thnx to Sophie for the tip)

Billy attends Blackhawks triple overtime victory.

June 10th:

Original Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin turns 49

Jeff shows up at Scott Weiland’s show in San Francisco

June 9th:

Nicole tells fans she is headed back to Chicago to start rehearsals for Europe/Asia tour.

June 7th:

Smashing Pumpkins are rumored to be playing in Malaysia 

June 6th:

Commercial for the Smashing Pumpkins Hong Kong show

Sierra Swan will start recording her new album with Billy in August.

Nicoles tips for anyone who is working in music

June 5th:

The Cold and Lovely debut album turns 1 years old

June 3rd:

Smashing Pumpkins re-post  an original sketch from TAFH (possible hint of things to come?)

Manson says he hasn’t talked to Billy and there was no fall out