Nicole Fiorentino tells “Black Sunshine was an idea we had when writing for Oceania”

Nicole had a Q&A with the Grunge Report where she talked about the Pumpkins worth ethics, how positive the live shows have been, and how it can be tough touring because of the lack of things that can help anchor you for the sense of normalcy.

Nicole went on to talk about the setlist and how it gets put together “We are very particular about the set lists. A lot more goes into it than just throwing songs onto a piece of paper and shuffling them around. SP has such a huge catalog so we have to attempt to not play too many songs from certain records and neglect others. We usually go into rehearsals with a general idea of what we want to play but then if something is going against the flow of the set we try to think of a song that has the right vibe. It’s not like we are trying to meet a quota or have a certain number of hits, we’re also not avoiding the hits. we really just look for what is going to create a shift in the set, a new moment. the last thing we want is for the set to feel linear, it needs to have movement. so if we play something like Bullet with Butterfly Wings in the middle of the set, we’re not gonna follow it with Zero and Cherub Rock. we’d go with a song that’s going to shift the mood, something epic or mellow. we like to take people on a journey.”

When GR brought up Black Sunshine she told them “Yeah Black Sunshine was an idea we had when writing for Oceania. It didn’t make the cut at that time, but it has evolved a lot since then. It’s hard to tell what the vibe of the next record will be. It’s interesting because I’ve been listening back to the original demos from Oceania and it’s crazy how far the songs have come since then. We probably had 15 different versions of Pinwheels at one point. I mean like completely different versions: the rock version, the synth version, the psychedelic version. But the one that stuck was the one that fit in with the story line. Like our live shows, we wanted the record to take people on a journey”

Nicole reaffirmed what Billy has been saying about Teargarden, saying “Oceania is considered part of the Teargarden project, so presumably the next record will be too.”

As for the future tour (South America, Europe, South Africa, Mars) and getting the new record out in a year “It’s hard to say what the touring situation will look like in 2013. I think we will do some festivals and hit the markets that we didn’t hit this year on Oceania, but I think the main focus is going to be working on new music. I think we have proven that our strong suit is creating new music together, so we really want to keep the ball rolling. I think if we start working on the record in January it could feasibly be out by early 2014. That will be the goal and then we will do our best to get it out as close to then as possible.”

Nicole also explained her priority musically is working on the Smashing Pumpkins and her side project of a solo album she recently mentioned isn’t on the front burner right now ” I’ll work on it gradually during my down time, and I am in no rush to release it. I mainly just want to do it for me, and then if people want to listen to it great. if they like it, even better! I am not looking to have some solo career. I like being a bassist in a band.”

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