Billy Corgan says he is starting to demo new songs for the Smashing Pumpkins new album

Billy Corgan was asked what he has been up to besides interviews in a interview and he said

“I’m gonna be demoing some new songs for hopefully what would be a Pumpkins album somewhere down the road. So I’ve been up all morning kind of tweaking some of the ideas before we go in and record them. And then tonight we have rehearsal for our postponed — or whatever the tour is at this point”

When asked how many demos he typically writes

“Actually, I don’t really like making demos, which is kind of funny. I hate committing to anything, especially if it’s not sort of done, done. But I think these days with as busy as I am, I just have to be sort of picky about what we go into the studio to record with the band and the whole orchestra on call. So it’s probably prudent in this day and age to maybe demo more and be pickier about what gets recorded. It’s better I spend an hour on a song and at the end of the day decide it’s not good enough than go in the studio with the band and everyone’s standing there and then figure out halfway through the week.”

Billy explains the band will still be playing the Oceania album in full “…Though we are planning on playing some songs we haven’t played. We’re actually rehearsing up some new stuff so there’ll be some other stuff to play every night. It won’t be the exact same setlist.”

Talking about the visual setup in a theater setting Billy says

“We played one theater recently where we took the projections and projected them on the walls and it looked unbelievable. It was probably the coolest gig we played outside of where we had the ball. So in some cases we can do the projections sort of Velvet Underground on the band. But there’s been other gigs where we’ve sort of done the set as is, no extra production, just basic lights, and the audience enjoyed it just as well. So it made us feel really good in the sense that the show can work just as a musical thing without all the bells and whistles. The bells and whistles obviously adds to it, but we feel really comfortable with the musical component.”

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